5 Benefits of Having Plants in Office

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There are many benefits of having plants in the office, here are some of the main ones:

Plants in the office can improve the health of employees

Plants can naturally filter out toxins from the air and make it fresher. If your office has poor ventilation, then your team may be at risk of developing the “sick building syndrome”, which is a real phenomenon! Symptoms include headaches, nausea, difficulty concentrating, and even flu-like symptoms. Although plants cannot solve this problem completely, they can ease some of the burden. You can place some peace lilies, devil’s ivy and spider plants in your office, which are common office plants that can purify the air and make everyone breathe easier in the office.

Plants in the office can increase productivity

Did you know that offices with no decor are considered “the most toxic” spaces for humans? Dr Chris Knight and his fellow psychologists at Exeter University say that employees perform better when some potted plants are added to their workspaces. In fact, after studying this concept for 10 years, they concluded that when there are potted plants and decorations, employee productivity increases by 15%. What is the reason? Employees who interact with their surroundings tend to produce greater results and stay focused more easily. You can place some public office plants in places where people can see them from their desks. Eye-catching varieties like zebra plants, red-edge dracaena or bamboo palms are great for decorating public spaces.

Enhance creativity

Creative blocks are no joke. Whether you have no inspiration or stay on the same idea for too long, office plants can provide inspiration. Bright colours and lively smells are key to ensuring that your green partner has a positive impact on your creativity. A study conducted in the UK found that adding natural elements to the workplace can increase employee creativity levels. You can choose some plants with bright colours, charming smells or unusual shapes to stimulate your brain, such as African daisies, jasmine or cacti. Plants in the office can reduce noise

If your office often has phone rings, printer sounds or people’s conversations, then plants may be an effective way to reduce noise. Plants can absorb, reflect and scatter sound waves, thereby reducing noise interference. A study found that using plants can reduce the noise level in the office by 5 decibels. You can choose some large plants and place them on the edge or corner of the office to create a natural sound barrier, such as agave, ferns or rubber trees.

Plants in the office can increase employee happiness

Contact with nature can make people feel happier and more satisfied. A study conducted in Norway found that using plants and flowers in the workplace can improve employee mood and quality of life. Another study conducted in the UK found that adding natural elements to the workplace can increase employee happiness and well-being. You can choose some plants that can bring positive emotions, such as sunflowers, lavender or roses².

These are the benefits of having plants , I hope you can benefit from them. If you want to know which plants are suitable for your situation, you can refer to this website, which will recommend suitable plants based on light, temperature and space.

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