Tree Works

Professional tree maintenance and management services in Hong Kong to ensure the health, safety and beauty of trees

Tree Cutting Service​

We provide professional tree felling and removal services. Here are some common services:

  • Tree Felling: Professional licensed tree climbers can use corresponding tools and techniques to cut down trees that are unnecessary or have safety hazards, so as to ensure the safety of people and things around them.
  • Tree Removal: In some cases, a tree needs to be removed completely, such as when the tree is dead, infected with a virus, or in an unsuitable location. Professional tree engineers can provide corresponding tree removal services to ensure the safety of the tree and the surrounding environment without damage.
  • Branch Pruning: Sometimes the branches of trees need to be pruned to ensure their health and beauty. Professional tree engineers can provide corresponding branch pruning services to ensure the health and beauty of trees.
  • Cleanup of Felling Debris: When trees are felled or removed, debris and wood chips that may be scattered on the surrounding ground need to be cleaned up. Tree engineers can provide appropriate cleanup services to ensure that the surrounding environment is clean and safe.

From $3000

Tree Maintenance

Tree Care Services:

  • Tree Assessment: An arborist can assess a tree to determine its health and safety and provide recommendations and programs to ensure its long-term health and safety.
  • Tree Pruning: Regular pruning of trees promotes their health and growth, while also controlling canopy size and shape to keep them safe and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Tree Nutrition and Water Management: Tree caregivers can provide appropriate nutrition and water management services to ensure the health and growth of trees. This includes regular fertilization, watering, and soil improvement.
  • Tree Pest Control: Tree caregivers can provide tree pest control measures to protect the health of trees, including the application of plant protection agents, pest monitoring and prevention.
  • Tree Bracing and Securing: Trees may need bracing and securing to keep them safe. A landscaper can provide bracing and fixing services to ensure the stability and safety of the tree.
  • Tree transplants: When a tree needs to be transplanted to a new location, a tree caregiver can provide appropriate transplant services to ensure the growth and health of the tree.

From $1000

Professional Tree Arboriculture Team​

We have the most professional tree management team in Hong Kong to carry out tree works and ensure the safety of tree works, tree health and long-term maintenance.

It is important to hire a professional arboriculture team for tree work:


Safety: Tree works involve high-risk work such as working at heights and tree felling, which may cause danger to people and the surrounding environment if the corresponding skills and experience are not possessed. Professional arboriculture teams have the skills and experience to ensure the safety of tree works.


Tree Health: Tree care requires the assessment and analysis of trees, and the provision of corresponding care measures for the specific conditions of trees. The professional arboriculture team has the expertise and experience to ensure the best possible care and maintenance of the tree.


Comprehensive Consideration: tree engineering needs to consider many factors, such as tree type, tree age, tree growth environment, surrounding environment and so on. A professional arboriculture team can take these factors into consideration to formulate the most suitable care plan to ensure the long-term health of the tree.


Professional Tools and Equipment: Tree work requires the use of professional tools and equipment such as aerial ladder lifts, chainsaws, and more. Professional arboriculture teams have these specialized tools and equipment to perform tree work more efficiently.


Tree Works Insurance: We have complete insurance protection for each project, including public liability insurance, construction engineering insurance, staff insurance and third-party insurance

8 Years of Experience​

Registered Arborists

Professional Tools

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

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