Plant Rentals​ and Sale

We combine powerful plants and technology to bring the benefits of nature into your office and home in Hong Kong

Benefits of Having Plants Indoors​

Helping companies improve office air quality through plant and air analysis. Our concept is based on scientific research and practical experience from several realized projects. With the right amount of plants in the right amount, oxygen levels can be increased, concentrations of air pollutants can be reduced, and optimal humidity in the office can be ensured. This results in healthier, more productive employees, greater well-being for the company and a reduced ecological footprint.

Plant Rental Service

Plant Leasing


1. Plant Lease Plan:
A. Long-term Lease: Lease period of 6 months or more. Suitable for offices, hotels, and shopping malls.
B. Short-term Lease: The lease period is less than one week. Suitable for exhibitions, and temporary events.

2. Service Content:
A. Professional indoor plant designers come to plan and design provide free plant placement rendering graphic design
B. The maintenance staff will come to maintain the plants 1-3 times a week to ensure the best condition of the plants
C. Plants that need to be replaced should be replaced in time within 4 working days
D. Regular visits and inspections to solve the deficiencies in the daily service process and continue to provide service quality
E. Self owned large nursery
F. All transportation and handling work will be taken care

Benefits of Plant Lease:
A. Office plants can decorate the office environment and improve the corporate image;
B. Plants can effectively absorb indoor formaldehyde and other harmful gases and purify the air;
C. Green plants can relieve stress, eliminate visual fatigue, and create a relaxed office environment;

Plants and Flowers for Sale​​

Our company provides plants and flowers for sale



Plant Type:
Own nursery with a wide variety of common indoor and outdoor plants

Long-term cooperation with foreign growers to import plants


Home delivery service:

Free shipping within Hong Kong


After-ale Warranty:

From the date of receipt, we provide a 15-day after-sales guarantee. If the plant withers or dies under normal maintenance, we will resend the plant


Due to the variety of plants, we can’t list them all, welcome guests to email or WhatsApp the types and quantities of your favorite plants

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