Garden Maintenance

A range of garden maintenance, pruning, landscaping services provided by a professional landscaper or horticulturist in Hong Kong


Garden Maintenance​

Popular Services:

  1. Plant Care
    Regularly check the plants in the garden to make sure they are healthy and growing well, and take necessary measures, such as fertilizing, spraying insect repellants, etc.

  2. Weeding and Pruning
    Lawns and shrubs in the garden require regular pruning and trimming or cutting to maintain a neat and orderly appearance.

  3. Herbicide Application
    For large weed problems, landscapers may use herbicides to control their growth.

  4. Cleaning and Garbage Disposal
    Fallen leaves, dead branches, and garbage in the garden need to be cleaned and disposed of regularly to keep the garden tidy and beautiful.



Plant Planting


​When you need to plant new plants in your garden or indoor space, we can provide professional plant planting services:


  • On-site Evaluation: Professional horticulturists will come to your garden or indoor space to conduct an on-site evaluation to determine the suitable plant types and planting locations.
  • Plant Selection: Provide you with a variety of plant options suitable for Hong Kong’s climate and environment to meet your individual needs.
  • Planting: A horticulturist can plant plants in appropriate locations according to your requirements to ensure the growth and health of the plants.
  • Plant Care: Provide regular plant care services, including regular watering, fertilization, pruning, etc., to ensure the growth and health of plants.
  • Plant Pest Control: provide plant pest control measures to ensure the health and growth of plants.
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