Garden Design​

Hong Kong landscape design, planning and designing outdoor green spaces to create beautiful, functional and comfortable garden courtyards​

Gardening Service

Garden Design
The gardener will design the outdoor space, including layout, landscape design, plant setting, and selection of hard materials to ensure the beauty and practicality of the entire space.


Hard Material Selection

Hard materials refer to architectural elements in outdoor spaces, such as stone, wood, brick, cement, and more. The garden designer will choose the most suitable hard material according to the style and use of the space.


Water feature design

A water feature designer can help you design and build water features, such as ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and more, to add visual appeal and comfort to outdoor spaces.


Environmental Protection

Gardening services must also consider environmental protection, choose the most suitable plant species and materials, and ensure that the design plan complies with environmental protection laws and regulations.


Project Construction Management

Landscape architects can help you with project construction management, including selecting contractors, supervising construction progress, ensuring quality, etc., to ensure that the design scheme can be implemented smoothly.

Garden Design Process​

  1. Consultation and Initial Evaluation: First, the landscape architect conducts a consultation with the client to understand the client’s needs, preferences, budget and timeline.

  2. Design and Planning: Based on preliminary assessment and consultation, the landscape designer will start to design and plan, and the designer will make CAD 3D design drawings for customers

  3. Design Proposals: Landscape designers will provide design proposals to clients, including drawings, renderings, plant lists, construction plans, and more. Customers can make suggestions or modify requirements on the design scheme to ensure that the design scheme meets their needs and expectations.

  4. Completion and Maintenance: Once the project is completed, the landscape designer will conduct a final inspection to ensure that all work meets the design plan and contract requirements, and provide maintenance advice and guidance.


    Popular Garden Styles:


    1. Chinese Garden Style: Chinese garden style is famous for natural, harmonious, delicate and poetic designs. Common elements include water features, rockery, pavilions, covered bridges, flower beds, lawns and more. Chinese garden styles often blend man-made elements with the natural surroundings to create an atmosphere of calm, serenity and elegance.

    2. Japanese Garden Style: Japanese garden style is famous for its simple, natural, balanced and harmonious design style (such as Karesansui, also known as the stone garden). Common elements include stone lanterns, trees, boulders, bridges, pools, and more. The Japanese garden style emphasizes the integration of design and natural landscape, creating an atmosphere of simplicity, calm and comfort.

    3. European Garden Style: European garden style is famous for its design style of symmetry, contrast, scale and geometric shape. Common elements include fountains, sculptures, lawns, stone paths, flower beds, antique furniture, and more. The European garden style emphasizes the integration of design, architecture and environment to create a gorgeous, luxurious and elegant atmosphere.

    4. Modernist Garden Style: The modernist garden style is known for its simple, practical, functional and technical design styles. Common elements include clean lines, minimalist materials, modern lighting and sound systems, and more. The modernist garden style emphasizes the integration of design and modern lifestyle, creating a modern, concise and stylish atmosphere.

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