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Plant Rental and Sale

Customers can rent or buy a variety of indoor and outdoor potted plants, and enjoy regular maintenance and maintenance services. We provide a variety of plant options, and can provide corresponding plant configuration and maintenance programs according to customer needs, so that customers can easily enjoy the benefits of green plants.

Gardening Maintenance

Including lawn trimming, flower garden maintenance, tree trimming, pest control and other services. Our landscaper have rich experience and professional knowledge, and can provide customized horticultural solutions to create beautiful courtyards and gardens for customers. Committed to providing high-quality gardening services, allowing customers to have a healthy and beautiful green space.

Tree Works

Includes tree felling or cutting, tree pruning, tree transplanting, tree thinning and other services. Professional tree engineers and technical teams can provide safe and efficient tree engineering services. We care about protecting the environment and the health of trees, and making sure the job site is clean and tidy when the job is done.

Landscape Design

Landscape design services, including courtyard design, garden design, public space design, etc. Our design team pays attention to customer needs, provides professional design solutions, and considers plant selection, landscape configuration, lighting and other aspects to create a beautiful, practical and comfortable space. We are committed to providing customers with personalized, high-quality landscape design services (such as Japanese gardens), so that customers can have a unique green space.

About Us

We are a professional and experienced landscape company in Hong Kong, providing a full range of horticultural services and committed to creating a beautiful and green environment for our customers.

With licensed professional landscapers and technical teams, with rich experience and professional knowledge, we can provide customized horticultural solutions, including garden design, construction, maintenance and other services. We focus on quality and customer satisfaction, using high-quality materials and advanced technology to ensure efficient, safe, clean and tidy work. Our goal is to provide customers with the best quality gardening services so that customers can have a healthy, beautiful and comfortable green space.

Gardening Services Quotation

We provide a convenient and fast horticultural quotation service. Customers only need to provide basic information to get professional landscape solutions and quotations, saving time and cost.

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