Can I cut down a tree by myself in Hong Kong? Precautions for tree cutting in Hong Kong

Can I cut down a tree by myself in Hong Kong? A few precautions for tree cutting in Hong Kong

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In Hong Kong, trees are protected to a certain extent and are not free to cut down.

Before cutting down a tree, you need to know the relevant laws and regulations and follow the correct process. Here’s some information you need to know:

Know the regulations:

The Hong Kong government’s Tree Management Office is responsible for the protection and management of trees. Trees in certain areas may be protected under the Town Planning Ordinance and the Forests and Countryside Ordinance, and logging without a permit may be punishable by law.

Check tree condition before cutting tree:

Before you decide to cut down a tree, you need to confirm the condition of the tree. If the tree is dead, severely infested with pests or diseases, or poses a safety hazard to nearby buildings, you may need to apply for a permit to fell it.

Apply for permission:

If you determine that a tree needs to be felled, you should submit an application to the tree management office. You need to provide the following information:

Applicant’s contact information
property address
The type and size of the tree (height, girth, etc.)
reason for cutting down trees
Estimated Tree Cutting Date
If necessary, provide relevant documents, such as tree disease and pest reports, structural safety reports, etc.
Pending approval: The tree management office will review your application and may request a site visit. Depending on the condition of the trees and the planning of the area, the office will decide whether to approve your application.

Actions after obtaining permission:

Once you are licensed, you can hire a professional arborist, such as a tree risk assessor or a qualified arborist, to do the felling. During felling, safety regulations should be followed and minimal impact on the surrounding environment and buildings should be ensured.

Work after felling or cutting tree:

After the felling is completed, the tree remains should be cleaned up, and consideration should be given to whether new trees need to be planted in appropriate locations to ensure ecological balance.

It is recommended to find a suitable gardening company or a professional logging service company:

Please note that the above process is for reference only, and specific operations may vary from case to case. Before felling trees, it is recommended that you consult relevant professionals to ensure legal compliance.

In Hong Kong, logging is restricted by law, so it is necessary to find a suitable gardening company or a professional logging service company. these companies. Companies usually have the relevant permits and protections to ensure the safety and legality of logging. In addition, these companies will also comply with relevant environmental protection regulations, and indeed protect the felled trees from causing adverse effects on the environment.

When choosing a gardening company, it is recommended that you choose those companies with good reputation and reputation, such as Greening HK Landscape, and ensure that they have relevant assets and licenses. Before cooperating with and signing a company with a gardening company, be sure to understand their service content, price and scope of responsibility clearly to ensure that your rights are protected.

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